Discover payment solutions forrestaurants and food service businesses

Need a payment system that can help you manage customer orders and tight profit margins? Choose tabbs. Our payment solutions are designed to maintain efficiency, reducing transaction times and costs, even during periods of high demand.

Swift, convenient bill settlements with tabbs card machines &
Point Of Sale

tabbs’ robust card machines and software, reliability, and user-friendliness, ensuring a seamless order process for your restaurant or food service business.

Effortlessly handle customer orders with tap-and-go transactions, process card payments from leading networks like Mastercard and Visa, and guarantee swift, secure transactions every time.

With our portable card machines, you’re equipped to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

Plus, our dedicated support team is always available when you need it.

Pay@table with PilotPayIntegrating with tabbs payment devices

With direct integration into Pilot Software POS systems, our PCI and EMV certified tabbs device ensure no more ghost transactions, no more double swipes, and no more incorrect tender types.

Cashups are simplified, as only processed transactions will appear as approved payments in both the Pilot waiter and admin cashups. Manual reconciliation or retendering will be a task of the past.

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Efficient payments for everyfood service business with tabbs

From busy restaurants to wholesalers and casual cafes, tabbs ensures seamless payments tailored to every food service niche. Discover how tabbs supports businesses in the food and beverage industry below.
fast food payments tabbs

Fast food restaurants

Serve hungry customers swiftly; tabbs’ payment systems & card machines with WiFi and 4G ensure seamless transactions in fast-paced environments.
food truck payments tabbs

Food stalls and trucks

Wholesalers and food service businesses can optimise stock management and facilitate frictionless transactions with tabbs suite of payment systems.
casual diners tabbs

Sit-down restaurants

For cafes and speciality eateries; integrate tabbs payment systems directly into your current POS for swift billing, detailed sales analytics and order management.

Explore the benefits of ourretail payment solutions

Easily accept transactions across top networks, including: Mastercard, VISA, and others to expand your reach and satisfy customer preferences.

Accept payments from major providers

Easily accept transactions across top networks, including: Mastercard, VISA, SASSA, and others to expand your reach and satisfy customer preferences.

Attractive transaction rates

Offering competitive & customisable rates suited to your unique business needs, tabbs ensures you get value without compromising on quality.

Free retail POS software

Upgrade your retail operations without added costs using tabbs' complimentary POS software, designed to simplify transactions and optimise inventory management.

Register in just 5 minutes

Jumpstart your journey with tabbs through our streamlined onboarding, enabling you to start accepting payments within 24 business hours.

Cost-effective monthly contracts

Dive into cost-effective solutions with our adaptable month-to-month contracts and rentals.

Device insurance & on-going support

Trust in tabbs for continuous, top-notch support and take comfort in our inclusive device insurance, ensuring your business operations remain smooth and secure.

Streamline payments at yourfood & beverage business with tabbs

Experience swift, secure payments tailored for the fast-paced food service industry. Benefit from competitive rates, uninterrupted connectivity, and unwavering support.

Get PilotPay NowPay@table

Streamline both your staff and customer experience, with integrated payments via PilotPay.