Intuitive card payments.

tabbs makes it easy to accept card payments with simple and effective payment solutions. Our payment systems and card machines cater to merchants of all sizes, providing effortless transacting and streamlined management.

Proudly South African businesses powered tabbs

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Proudly South African businesses powered tabbs

Payment systems tailored for your business

Discover our range of card payment solutions made for efficient payment processing, perfectly suited to your business needs.

Fast & intuitive card machines

Experience the speed and versatility of our user-friendly card machines, designed to optimise your payment processes.


Smooth card processing

Accept all major credit and debit cards, including VISA, Mastercard & SASSA.


Contactless convenience

Enable swift and seamless payments with contactless technology, enhancing customer experience.


Real-time transaction insights

Gain valuable insights into your business's financial health with real-time transaction tracking and reporting for all card payments.

Payment solutions designed foryour business environment

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Advanced payment tools for a seamless customer experience.

Discover our range of card payment solutions made for efficient payment processing, perfectly suited to your business needs.
Boost operations with feature-packed card machines, including pre-installed prepaid product offerings.
Provide customers with convenient and secure card-based transactions.
Access real-time insights through the business management dashboard.
Offer versatile payment options with state-of-the-art POS machines.

Streamline payments and inventory management at clothing stores, grocery shops, pharmacies and other retail outlets.

food and beverage
Versatile, secure payment methods and billing options for your restaurant, cafe and other eateries.
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Intuitive system to simplify transactions, track sales and manage inventory for busy corner stores.

Secure, seamless transacting, everywhere

Established in 2016, tabbs goes beyond being just a payment solution provider. We offer comprehensive card payment solutions to enhance the payment experience of both merchants and their customers. Our solutions are underpinned by our commitment to accessibility, security & seamlessness, available anytime, anywhere. If our commitment to your business piques your interest, learn more about tabbs and connect with our dedicated customer support team today.

Payments powered bysmart card machines

Effortlessly manage and accept payments through our Android-powered card machines: mobile payment devices for flexible, on-the-go transactions for reliable in-store checkouts. Choose each one based on your business needs. Our card machines are paired with our user-friendly Point-Of-Sale software. Easy set-up and seamless management of inventory, sales and more.

affordable card machine rentals

Affordable rental
& device insurance

Experience tabbs’ tailored device rentals, which include insurance and theft cover.

4g card machine tabbs

4G & WiFi

Keep your payments flowing with unlimited 4G and WiFi transacting, ensuring smooth payment experiences.

fast sign up tabbs

Fast sign-up,
activation & settlement

Setup quickly, receive your device within 24 hours of signup, and start transacting. Receive your settlements in just 48 hours with tabbs.

low rates tabbs card machines

processing & rates

Enjoy competitive transaction rates with tabbs, confidently matching or beating your current rates.

Manage products, reporting & payments

Elevate your Point Of Sale experience with our integrated payment solutions. tabbs POS simplifies transactions, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Integrate tabbs’ POS into your point of sale setup to manage products, track sales, generate reports, and accept payments all within one intuitive platform. Experience seamless operations and enhanced efficiency with tabbs POS.

Experience the benefits of secure, streamlined, and adaptable payment solutions

Modernise your business with tabbs’ smart card payment technology. Designed to accelerate checkouts and provide a seamless experience for your business and its customers.

Seamless payment
processing devices

Innovative POS machines and payment
systems for seamless transactions.

Customisable pricing

Enjoy a pricing structure that aligns with your business needs. We’re confident we can match or beat your current transaction fees.

Safe and secure payments

We provide robust, reliable end-to-end
encryption for all payments.

Integrated payment solutions

Directly integrate our solutions to streamline transactions, offering convenience and efficiency for your business operations.

Trusted payment solutions

Card payment systems trusted by businesses across South Africa

A wide variety of businesses, from retail chains to restaurants and spaza shops, rely on our payment solutions. Dive into our testimonials to learn about their experiences with tabbs. Sign up your business in only 5 minutes!

Drive your business with intuitive payment solutions

tabbs empowers thousands of companies in South Africa with effortless card & merchant payment solutions. Sign up with tabbs today to start streamlining your payment process and experience.