Feature-packedcard machines

Drive your business forward with tabbs’ powerful card machines, offering rapid device activation, flexible rental contracts and uninterrupted 4G and Wi-Fi transacting to keep your payments flowing.

Enjoy streamlined debit and credit card transactions with tabbs.

Payment solutions designed foryour business environment

Modernise your business with tabbs’ smart card payment technology. Designed to accelerate checkouts and provide a seamless experience for your business and its customers.

Explore our advanced card machines below.

Rent a tabbscard machine

Renting a card machine from tabbs offers you a reliable gateway to simplified transactions. With flexible month-to-month contracts and rental options, your business enjoys unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

Experience no downtime on payments, maintain your current bank account, and get started in just 5 minutes. Plus, our comprehensive insurance ensures your device is always covered in case of damage or theft.

Ready to make the switch? Rent one of our card machines today and experience the difference.

Manage products,reporting & payments

Unify product management, insightful reporting, and secure payments with tabbs Point Of Sale.

Integrated payment options

Accept payments by using tabbs POS, which integrates directly into your tabbs card machine.

Inventory management

Add products to your point of sale and make changes in an instant.

Business management dashboard & reporting

Track payment history, customer details, and sales analysis for smart business management.

Drive your business with intuitive payment solutions

tabbs empowers thousands of companies in South Africa with effortless card & merchant payment solutions. Sign up with tabbs today to start streamlining your payment process and experience.


tabbs P3

The tabbs P3 card machine offers a compact design and power-packed performance for superior transactional efficiency.

tabbs D1

Elevate your payment process with the tabbs D1 card machine, blending speed, security, and simplicity in every transaction.

tabbs P2

The tabbs P2 card machine is your pocket-sized powerhouse, designed to keep your business moving.