Ruari Richardson


tabbs is revolutionising the payment solutions landscape under the visionary leadership of CEO Ruari Richardson, an industry stalwart with a proven track record. Richardson is a seasoned entrepreneur and industry leader with a remarkable trajectory in both commerce and logistics. As the driving force behind Tabbs since its inception in 2017, Richardson has steered the company towards becoming a trailblazer in intuitive payment solutions.

Before founding tabbs, Richardson made significant contributions to the business landscape. He established the highly successful office supplies company, OfficeBox, showcasing his astute business acumen. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Richardson served as the Sales and Operations Manager for SA and the UK at TNT Express, a global leader in international courier delivery services, from 2002 to 2009.

With this rich background in logistics and commerce, Richardson brings a unique perspective to the fintech industry. His leadership at tabbs is marked by a commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and a relentless pursuit of simplifying financial transactions for businesses. Leading a team of dynamic forward-thinkers, adept at crafting intuitive payment solutions that seamlessly integrate into the modern business ecosystem, Richardson has a keen understanding of the evolving needs of businesses. Under his guidance, Tabbs continues to redefine the payment solutions landscape, providing businesses with seamless and cutting-edge tools to navigate the evolving digital economy.